Your Comedic Persona; Does it Really Take 10 Years to Find It?

Jerry Corley the "Joke Doctor" shatters the arbitrary rule of it taking 10 years to find your comedic persona. Comedy is a very personal thing. When anyone paints everyone with a broad brush, (as in it takes "10 years" to find your persona as a stand-up comedian), I call bullshit. There's evidence to the contrary all over the place. From the time he first stood on the stage at Catch a Rising Star in New York City, Jerry Seinfeld took 5 years to make it to the Tonight Show. He's still that same guy, except a little more cynical. On the other side of the coin, George Burns reinvented himself more than 8 times before he found his character. Need something more contemporary? Dane Cook. What the Hell's going on there?

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