Comedy Trade School

Connecting with Your Audience through Self-Deprecating Humor

In this video, we will explore the art of self-deprecating humor and how to effectively use it to connect with your audience and create a comfortable, relatable atmosphere. We will provide you with valuable tips, techniques, and examples that can help improve your comedic delivery and enhance your performances. The video will begin with a … Read more

How to Look Good on Video Calls for Zoom

3 simple and free steps and tips on how to look good on Zoom tutorial – or any video calls – Microsoft Teams, Webex & Bluejeans and other video conferencing and group call apps such as Facetime, House Party & Skype. Improve your webcam setup – the angle of your computer’s webcam or device’s camera … Read more

Dan Harmon Story Circle: 8 Proven Steps to Better Stories

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a creative loop? You start a script, get halfway done, but because you can’t figure out the ending, you abandon it, then start a new one. And then it happens again. And again. ►► So writer/producer Dan Harmon tackled this problem. He took centuries of storytelling … Read more

Mark Normand’s Surprising Comedy Advice

Some great advice from comedian Mark Normand. So as comedians coming up, what are what are some tips you can have as we land this plane here, because this is you know this is all about just comedy in the comedy game and what what are some tips you could maybe share with comics ooh … Read more


In this video, I talk about 5 TIPS TO CREATE COMEDIC CHARACTERS! First off, get inspired! Just try to pay attention to your surroundings and people you come into contact with, watch on tv or in a movie, or just observe from a distance. You can get inspiration from anywhere. Second – play dress up! … Read more

Acting in Comedy

Interested in humor? Want to know how to summon charisma on command? Always wanted to take acting lessons? HOW TO BE FUNNY talks about three things I’ve learned so far from acting in comedy films. This video focuses on screen acting, but the information can be applied to theatre. Transcript Hello, everybody in this video … Read more

The Art of Stand Up

A very interesting documentary by the BBC about stand up comedy. Transcript It’s at the rule of three: I don’t know what that is, it should be established, reaffirm and then you kill it on the third, but you can do on the fourth. He was tall, he was handsome, he was an idiot, he … Read more


If you want to learn stand-up comedy, this is the course for you! The Comedy Trade School stand-up comedy course is the perfect way to learn the ropes of stand-up comedy. The course is taught by professional comedians, and you'll learn everything from joke writing to delivery.

John Smith

Los Angles

This is an excellent stand-up comedy course that will teach you the basics of joke writing, delivery, and stage presence. The course is taught by professional comedians, and you will get plenty of opportunities to perform your material. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a stand-up comedian.

Iryna Josse


Comedy Trade School is an excellent way to improve your stand-up comedy skills. The course is thorough and well-structured, and the instructors are experienced and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their stand-up comedy career to the next level.

Bob Lopatkin

New York