Tight Five Open Mic

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Thursday 10/19/23 at 7 PM

Now accepting applications for Thursday, October 19th at 7 PM ET (New York time). Accepted performers will be notified with details 24 or more hours before the show. Sign-up below. Thank you. (This is a feedback mic. See feedback criteria below.)

Feedback Criteria for “Tight Five Open Mic” Performance

  1. Originality of Content 📝
    • Description: Showcasing a distinct voice through unique stories, perspectives, and punchlines.
    • Tips: Regularly jot down observations and life experiences. Try to view everyday scenarios from a fresh lens to derive unique comedic insights.
  2. Timing and Pacing ⏱️
    • Description: Delivering a set that fits snugly within the 5-minute mark, ensuring each joke is well-paced.
    • Tips: Rehearse with a timer. If a joke takes too long to land, consider refining or omitting it to maintain the set’s rhythm.
  3. Engagement 👥
    • Description: Building a rapport with the virtual audience, making them feel involved and entertained.
    • Tips: Directly address the audience occasionally, react to visible responses, and adjust your performance based on their engagement.
  4. Adaptability 🔄
    • Description: Navigating unexpected moments, be it technical glitches or unanticipated audience reactions.
    • Tips: Have a few backup jokes handy. If faced with a hiccup, stay calm, use humor to address the situation, and then smoothly continue your set.
  5. Overall Delivery 🎤
    • Description: The combination of voice modulation, facial expressions, and body language that makes the set compelling.
    • Tips: Practice in front of a mirror or record yourself. Adjust your delivery based on feedback and ensure your expressions are visible and engaging on camera.
  6. Professionalism 🎩
    • Description: Displaying respect for the platform, audience, and fellow performers. This includes being prepared, avoiding inappropriate content, and maintaining a positive demeanor.
    • Tips: Always be punctual for your slot. Rehearse your set to avoid last-minute panics. Be mindful of the content, ensuring it’s suitable for a diverse audience.

Following the “Tight Five Open Mic” night, we will be compiling feedback based on the established criteria. Each performer will receive tailored insights via email the next week. We believe this feedback is invaluable, providing an opportunity for growth and refinement. We’re excited to support each other in our comedic journey!

Past Tight Five Performers



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