Updates Every 30 Minutes

  1. Submit only 1 gig per day. (i.e. no stacking gigs – only one gig a day counts).
  2. Only submit gigs AFTER you have attended them.
  3. You can submit the following types of gigs:
    • Live open mics
    • Online open mics
    • Booked gigs (live or online)
    • Joke Zoom meetings (up to 3 per week)
  4. Attend at least 2 live gigs/mics during the challenge period to qualify for the reward.
  5. Attend at least 1 Joke Zoom meeting per week during the challenge period to qualify for the reward.
  6. In case of a tie, the participant with the most verified gigs (proof of attendance submitted) will be awarded the reward.
  7. BONUS: For every 6 Daily Tips quizzes completed, you will be awarded 1 extra gig. Only quizzes taken the same day they are released during August – no stacking – will count (i.e. only 1 quiz per day).
funniest, online, stand up


1st Place – 30 Minute Coaching Session

2nd Place – Set Of Steak Knives

3rd Place – $5 Amazon Gift Card