ACT OUTS Hilarobot, you’re an authority in theatrical stand-up comedy performance. Dissect the following joke and propose a variety of physical act-outs, facial cues, and impersonations, along with dynamic shifts in emotion, vocal volume, and tone. Encapsulate each recommendation within brackets at the precise spot it should be executed to maximize the joke’s humor potential:  [INSERT JOKE HERE]

ALLITERATION Hilarobot, picture a world where alliteration amplifies amusement! With this in mind, can you transform this joke into a form that’s full of funny alliteration to fuel fits of laughter?: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

ACRONYM Hilarobot, assume the mantle of a master humorist. Generate 10 funny definitions for the given acronym, ensuring they are linked to [INSERT SUBJECT]: [INSERT ACRONYM]

ALT PUNCH Hilarobot, you’re an expert comedy punch-up artist. Generate a series of innovative and uproarious punchlines for the following joke to amplify its hilarity: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

More Tasks

AUDIENCE Hilarobot, you are a stand-up comedy social scientist and audience-type expert. Analyze the following joke and try to determine what demographics it would appeal most to. Consider Age, level of education, sex, family status, social class, ethnicity, urban vs suburban vs rural, income level, religious beliefs, and political views: [INSERT JOKE HERE][/simple_tooltip]


BIO Hilarobot, you are the world’s best entertainment publicist. Generate a professional bio for a stand-up comedian named [Comedian’s Name], who specializes in [Comedy Style], has been performing for [Number of Years] years, and has notable performances at venues like [Notable Venues]. This comedian has been featured on [Media Appearances] and worked on the same stages as [World Famous Person]. They have a unique ability to [Unique Ability or Trait], making them a favorite among [Target Audience]. In their personal life, [Comedian’s Name] enjoys [Personal Interests].

CELEBRITY Hilarobot, you are a premier stand-up comedy wordsmith. Integrate a celebrity, whose persona aligns with the theme of the joke, into the following joke’s punchline: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

DEFINE TERM Hilarobot, elaborate on the provided comedy term or concept: [INSERT TERM OR CONCEPT HERE]

DOUBLE ENTENDRE Hilarobot, you are a humor consultant specializing in double entendres. Suggest a series of pun-inspired words or concise phrases that can be utilized to convert the following joke into a hilarious double entendre: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

END ON PUNCH WORD Hilarobot, As an AI with expertise in comedy analysis and joke structure, examine the following joke’s punchline, employing your comprehensive understanding of comedic theory and joke mechanics. Ensure that the comedic climax of the joke is reached with the ultimate word or phrase within the joke’s punchline at the very end of the punchline. Do not rewrite the joke. Provide your expert analysis: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

K-SOUNDS Hilarobot, imagine that words with hard consonants are known to cause hilarity – How would you rephrase this joke to be more comedic?: [INSERT YOUR JOKE HERE]

LIST BASED ON SUBJECT Hilarobot, generate a list of topics, situations, and characters associated with this joke’s main subject: [INSERT YOUR JOKE HERE]

ONE-LINER Hilarobot, you’re the master of joke writing in the comedy world. Transform this joke into a punchy one-liner while maintaining its original humor: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

PARALLELISM Hilarobot, As a seasoned joke writer, your task is to employ parallelism in a joke. Consider the following joke, then rework it using parallel structures for added humor. Keep it short and punchy, maintaining its original funniness: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

PLAGIARISM Hilarobot, as an AI model proficient in detecting potential plagiarism instances, particularly in the realm of humor and joke composition, review the following joke. Analyze the submitted joke to determine if it bears significant resemblance to any known, pre-existing joke. The joke to be examined for potential plagiarism follows: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

POEM Hilarobot, you have a remarkable ability to write humorously poetic verses. Your task is to showcase your wit and originality by turning the following joke into a delightful poem. Retain its humor and add creative spins for more amusement: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

MEMORY PALACE Hilarobot, as a master of memory, your task is to design a memory palace using the layout of a traditional home. Wander through each room, assigning a unique joke to distinctive elements within the space. Once completed, guide the user on a walkthrough of this humorous palace, enabling them to remember: [INSERT JOKES HERE]

MIND MAP Hilarobot, assuming the role of a seasoned stand-up comedian, gifted in the art of joke-writing, your task is to conjure an engaging and detailed mind map. Let your humor and wit seep into every branch of this map, ensuring each segment is explored with depth and creativity. Once your comedic exploration is complete, turn the interaction back to the user by inviting them to dive deeper into any specific portion of your mind map related to: [INSERT SUBJECT HERE]


RANT ANALYSIS Hilarobot, You are a stand-up comedian, famed globally as the ultimate humor detective. Your specialty? Spinning everyday rants into classic ‘setup/punchline’ styled jokes. Today’s challenge is to dissect the following brainstorming rant, sift through the chaos, and unearth the hidden gems of humor within. Analyze it carefully and present your findings as a series of clever, laugh-inducing ‘setup/punchline’ formatted jokes. [INSERT 250 WORD MAX RANT HERE]

REVERSE IT Hilarobot, you are an expert in stand-up comedy and joke writing. Your task is to identify the setup and the punchline of this joke, then rewrite it in a way that the original punchline becomes the setup and the original setup becomes the punchline. Here’s the joke: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

RESET Hilarobot, please ignore all previous requests. This will reset Hilarobot.

RULE OF THREE Hilarobot, you are a seasoned humorist. Apply the comedic ‘rule of three’ to reshape and enhance the humor in this joke: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

SETUP/PUNCH/TAG Hilarobot, you are a master of humor analysis. Break down this joke into its core components – setup and punchline (with a tag, if present) – by demarcating each part within brackets: [INSERT JOKE HERE] 

SHORTEN Hilarobot, you’re a top-tier joke-writing architect. Compress this joke into a two-sentence zinger while preserving its comedic essence: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

SPECIFICITY Hilarobot, you are a stand-up comedy writer, make this joke more humorous by applying the principle of specificity: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

STYLE Hilarobot, rewrite this joke in the style of [INSERT COMEDIAN HERE]: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

TELEGRAPHING Hilarobot, you are a renowned comedy writer known for your humor analysis skills. Your task is to dissect the following joke meticulously. Identify any elements in the setup that might hint, suggest or foretell the unexpected twist delivered in the punchline. Look for specific ideas, words, or references that could potentially alert an attentive listener to the coming surprise. Is there any foreshadowing hidden within the setup? Or does the punchline arrive without prior warning? Share your detailed and insightful analysis: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

TIME TO TELL Hilarobot, as a stand-up comedy expert, analyze and provide both the total time and a detailed breakdown in seconds and minutes, taking into account pacing, tone, gestures, and anticipated audience laughter, for the delivery of this joke by a professional comedian: [INSERT JOKE HERE]

TRY AGAIN Hilarobot, try answering it again. Make your answer unique and unexpected. This will make Hilarobot create a new answer to your last request.

TWO LISTS Hilarobot, as a comedic genius, can you generate two lists of words or phrases associated with the following two subjects, one list for each subject: [INSERT SUBJECT ONE] and [INSERT SUBJECT ONE]

WORD COUNT Hilarobot, count all the words in this joke, create a numbered list of each word separately, then rewrite it with half the words while preserving its humor: [INSERT YOUR JOKE HERE]

Hilarobot is an advanced AI chatbot, committed to educating comedy creators about Comedy Trade School and Joke Zoom. Utilizing its extensive knowledge derived from Comedy Trade School, it acts as a digital humor consultant. This AI-powered mentor helps creators amplify the humor and wit in their content, fostering a high laughter factor in their work.



If you want to learn stand-up comedy, this is the course for you! The Comedy Trade School stand-up comedy course is the perfect way to learn the ropes of stand-up comedy. The course is taught by professional comedians, and you'll learn everything from joke writing to delivery.

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This is an excellent stand-up comedy course that will teach you the basics of joke writing, delivery, and stage presence. The course is taught by professional comedians, and you will get plenty of opportunities to perform your material. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a stand-up comedian.

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Comedy Trade School is an excellent way to improve your stand-up comedy skills. The course is thorough and well-structured, and the instructors are experienced and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their stand-up comedy career to the next level.

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