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1Jane Joan Costagliola 3150/3200
2Robert 2310/2420
3Alan Salzbank 2270/2320
4Suzanne Linfante 1980/2070
5Carla Ulbrich 1810/1910
6Zygy 1710/1850
7Cathy Comedie 1360/1460
8Jennifer B 1350/1480
9Tom Padovano 1300/1440
10[email protected] 1260/1370
11Julie 1130/1200
12Jade 970/1050
13Stacey 620/660
14Alyson Chadwick 420/420
15Brian Atkins 400/450
16Laurie P Milbourn 390/420
17Richard Parisi 370/390
18DeeCee 310/330
19karin margaret 230/240
20Claudia 210/210
21Tracey 200/240
22Nelly wangechi 170/180
23Laurie Milbourn 150/150
24Phil Sweet 140/150
25Elizabeth Sher 130/150
26alexander Glatt 120/120
27Dennis Cashton 110/120
28Ellen Orchid 90/90
29Alexa Speaks 80/90
30Deb Reiser 80/90
31Jorja 80/90
32Joe 80/90
33jay 80/120
34Host 70/90
35Kevin 60/60
36Shelley Ann Moore 60/60
37Roxie Monique 50/60
38Ellen Wesley 50/60
39Tom 30/30
40Zygy 30/30
42Aylana 30/30
43Ranya 30/30
44me 30/30
45Jillian Cardillo 30/30
46Daniel Vega 30/30
47Fred Flintstone30/60
48Mike 30/30
49Carla Ulbrich 30/30
50Diane 30/30

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