Comedy Trade School

Billy D. Teaches Joke Development

Class clowns and comics have long been a staple of entertainment. But if you’ve ever wanted to go from the classroom to the stage, then you should listen to Under the master teachings of famed comedian, musician and playwright Billy D. Washington. His years of experience and his insight will get you closer to your goals.

Breaking The Fourth Wall

The 4th wall is a term given to pretending that there is a wall between the performer and the stage. The fourth wall is dangerous for several reasons. First, it disengages the audience. Watching live comedy is supposed to be different from watching it in a live venue. Comedians that get on stage and begin saying their pre-rehearsed lines without acknowledging the audience create a chasm between the performer and the audience. The audience disengages because it becomes extremely difficult to bond with a comedian that’s simply rehearsing lines they created in the past. An analogy would be trying to use pre-rehearsed pick-up lines as opposed to actually having a conversation. The levels of engagement are the same. With pre-rehearsed lines you place the emphasis on you, while knocking down the 4th wall makes the show more communal. This is why when you learn how to perform stand-up comedy they teach you to not be entirely in your head. Doing so disengages the audience.

Am I Too Old To Be A Stand Up Comic?

Are you ever too old to start a comedy career? It is a valid question, one that many people ask. There are people who start comedy at a very young age and people who start well after college, but for most it does seem to be a question that is met with a shock and a bit of a “no way” attitude. The answer to this question is “it depends” and that answer isn’t going to be satisfying for a lot of people. It will vary from person to person and your approach to comedy.

Comedy Writing Tips

TV comedy writer, director and producer Armando Iannucci (The Thick Of It, In The Loop, Veep, I’m Alan Partridge, Time Trumpet) talks about how he chooses comedy collaborators, explains how US-style group-written shows work, and identifies the vital qualities a comedy writer needs. Transcript > > ARMANDO I’m Armando Iannucci. I’ve worked in comedy for … Read more

An Oral History of the Improv

(Interview starts at 2:00) Budd Friedman, founder of The Improv Comedy Club and co-author Tripp Whetsell of “The Improv: An Oral History of the Comedy Club that Revolutionized Stand-Up” walk us down memory lane recalling for many of us the joy and laughter of nights at The Improv. I WANT TO BE A MANAGER. . … Read more

Bonnie McFarlane On Comedy Writing

Bonnie McFarlane is not only capable of a great stand-up set, she is also a highly regarded writer. Her career took off almost immediately, and though she had some failed pilots early on, she has been able to maintain a healthy career for 20 years by not limiting herself to stand up alone. Here Bonnie … Read more

Advice from Hannibal Burris

Some interesting personal stories and advice from former SNL writer and stand up comedian Hannibal Buress. Transcript My name is Hannibal Buress. . I do stand-up comedy I act in movies and television. I host a podcast called the Handsome Rambler. And I rap sometimes –, not that often though. . In 2006 I got … Read more



If you want to learn stand-up comedy, this is the course for you! The Comedy Trade School stand-up comedy course is the perfect way to learn the ropes of stand-up comedy. The course is taught by professional comedians, and you'll learn everything from joke writing to delivery.

John Smith

Los Angles

This is an excellent stand-up comedy course that will teach you the basics of joke writing, delivery, and stage presence. The course is taught by professional comedians, and you will get plenty of opportunities to perform your material. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a stand-up comedian.

Iryna Josse


Comedy Trade School is an excellent way to improve your stand-up comedy skills. The course is thorough and well-structured, and the instructors are experienced and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take their stand-up comedy career to the next level.

Bob Lopatkin

New York