Am I Too Old To Be A Stand Up Comic?

Are you ever too old to start a comedy career? A very frequent question and the answer depends more on what goals you have and how big your drive is to get after it.


Today’s question is from henrietta in phoenix henrietta asked how old is too old to pursue comedy. My friends tell me I’m funny, but is it too late for me to even try to start being a comedian well Henrietta with a name like Henrietta? It might be a little too late, hey just kidding.

At least you didn’t send in the question through a telegraph. I’ll get your answer to you in just one second, have you ever wondered? Am I too Old to start pursuing stand-up comedy? A lot of people have asked me that question and the answer really depends on who you are. The quick answer is no you’re, never too old.

In fact, I love working with older folks because you’ve got more life, experience and you’re a little bit more patient and you understand, there’s a process to things, but your goals might be a little bit different than the younger folks out there. In fact, if you’re trying to get on A sitcom or become the next big star and you’re 70, it might be pushing the limits a little bit, I mean. Maybe it can happen, but you’d probably be the first to pull that off.

If your goal, though, is to get out perform, meet new people make a little money, have some fun absolutely you can start anytime. Your drive is a big part of this. If you wake up every morning and you feel like comedy it’s what I’ve got to do, it’s always on your mind, that’s a great sign.

However, if you Go for a few months, you don’t even think about pursuing stand-up. It might not be for you at any age, there’s opportunities out there if you’re older, let’s say 65 and up, and you want to pursue comedy, there’s a ton of opportunities out there for you to perform. Where there’s rotary clubs you go to Chamber of Commerce dinners.

Some of these retirement communities are always looking for entertainment and when they have entertainment, you can ask if you can get Up on stage and warm up the crowd for five to seven minutes, give yourselves just little chunks of time to work it out and if they, Like you, they might have you back for the next time. They have entertainment and slowly but surely you can build a little bit of an act. That’s a great way to get out of the house, have a little bit of fun and pursue it.

If your jokes are really strong and you’re just destroying when you’re warming up for those audiences, then you might want To try to check out a few comedy clubs and get your foot in the door there. It might be slow going to move up the ladder at that point, but at least you’ll be in front of people who are out there to see something new and different at the comedy club and at you you might be something new and different for them to See so good luck at whatever age you are and realize it’s not so much the age. It’s the drive thanks Henry at it.

For your question. I hope you’re able To log on to the Wi-Fi and get the answer and it wasn’t too complex just kidding. I know you probably got a better connection than I do hey if you’re watching this video – and you have a question for us here at the school laughs, go ahead and send it to us school of last at gmail.

com or on Twitter at school of laughs. And if you’re thinking you might want to pursue comedy you’d like to try writing first and seeing if you’re decent at it Check out our online comedy classes at school of laughs calm until next time. This is Ric Robert saying, good luck and have great shows .

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