Stand Up Comedy Means Business

Cameron Esposito experienced her fair share of mistakes and bad moment on the path to becoming a successful stand-up comedian.


You have to accept failure as a gift in this job. Every time you fail on stage, you learn something it’s like going to the gym.

You are getting stronger, you have to put it in the bank and just let those experiences grow. Thank you so much the thing about stand-up, that’s awesome is that you just think about the last show in the next show. There’s really like your memory is, wiped clean of all your failures, because you Just get back on stage and fix them.

I really think like to do this job. You have to be aware of the fact that you’re gon na fail for a very long time, and also you have to think you’re succeeding land. Your family, that is the great part about starting as a comic, is that you think you’re doing great you take your jokes, are amazing and then, like two or three years from that here’s those tracks were embarrassing every night at 11 p.

m. if I am still awake. I find that I would like To have a baby.

What my dad is a small business owner – and I grew up in this family where, like you, make your own opportunities and you get your own clients and you knock down doors. So when I started doing stand-up, I was an artist. I’ve always had been an artist, but I think I always thought of myself as a small business person, because that really is what stand-up is.

Is that you’re selling a product? It’s just that the product is yourself, so I don’t think That’s a cynical way of looking at it. You have to be the art and you have to be the art dealer and it’s a it’s a cool part of this job, because actually it’s a product that I believe in okay. I wouldn’t been doing stand-up.

If I didn’t think that I had a voice – and I had a reason to be here – the only negative is that it’s very exhausting and lonely trying to show yourself all the time After a while you’re like this is very arrogant. You guys I’m Cameron, Esposito. Thank you, hey youtubers.

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