Can You Write A Joke Better Than Che?

Michael Che sits down to dissect a joke about letting people marry who or what they want.

Hello, everyone and welcome to another episode of joke ology. My name is Benji, I’m here with the very funny Michael che, thanks for coming in thanks.

I really appreciate it. Okay tell us a little bit about the joke. We’re about to see this is joke.

I roll like a year and a half ago, maybe two years ago, it’s about gay marriage. Okay, let’s check it out. I do.

I do think the gay married. I think, that’s a big! I think that’s a big issue. You Know I’m for gay marriage because I can’t think of a good reason to be against it.

I heard this one guy on TV. He goes come on man, you can’t let gay people get married. What’s next, people are gon na want to marry animals, and I was like yep and then I eat animals.

If you want to marry one, that’s your business, I’m pretty sure I’m doing the worst thing to it. If I was a goat, you asked me he was like Yo goat. Would you rather be chopped up, but let’s Jamaican lady stew or married estranged, [ __ ].

It wouldn’t be the toughest decision I’ve made as a goat. Let’s start off this conversation talking about how you first thought of this joke the first scene of the joke, I think, was um somebody’s, actually saying that what people gon na marry animals – and I was just like yeah – maybe and then you went into I eat animals – Was that the first Part of the joke was that the yeah that was the first part of joke was like what a first party joke was yeah that I eat animals so would? Who cares it’s a joke that is simple and cover seems to cover a lot of ground and its really like a minute long, only yeah, it’s very short short, but that’s the thing it’s so it’s such a weird thing that you don’t want it dwelling in. For that much because then it’s gross.

This is just a an idea, the worst thing that can possibly happen. What, if it happened, it wouldn’t be so terrible. What are the some of the worst reactions from the audience? A gun? No I’ve never had a bad reaction.

No, nothing is the worse, Oh like when you get nothing from that. It’s really awkward. I would rather get oh no you’re wrong and nothing because when you’re getting nothing then you’re just a guy talking about go [, __ ] alone and that’s uncomfortable.

Did you write this joke cause? You thought I want to comment On this whole hot topic of gay marriage or it occurred to you and like it’s funny, I’m saying it just because it’s funny I wrote this job because it’s um, because I don’t have much of an opinion on things and I Always feel like people blow things out of proportion like it’s, not the fact that there is gay marriage or there is it’s the fact that this is a big deal, whether you feel that it’s right or wrong, you doesn’t involve it. Do people Want to [ __ ] marry animals, let them marry what you’re saying you’re not looking to voice an opinion on the subject, but comment on the topic. Just as is let’s take a step back and see what this is.

It’s more so step back into exactly. Why are we making this an issue? You know and that’s – and I think that’s the one thing about tolerance and about equality, that it’s really. Why do you care that someone else is living it where they want to break? Thank you for Having me this was fun.

Thank you for coming. We really appreciate it. We hope you guys enjoyed that once again, Benji.

Where was Michael J, you want to tell people where they can find you like online and stuff. We can’t .

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