Unlocking Laughter: The 5-Step Guide to Crafting a Perfect One-Minute Comedy Sketch

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Unlocking Laughter: The 5-Step Guide to Crafting a Perfect One-Minute Comedy Sketch

Hey, Comedy Enthusiasts! If you’re an aspiring comedic sketch writer or just someone who loves a good laugh and wants to understand the craft better, you’ve landed on the right blog. Today, we’re summarizing a delightful video tutorial on writing a one-minute comedic sketch, by none other than Matthew Raymond.


Matthew usually wows us with his hilarious sketches, but in this video, he takes a different approach by sharing his secret formula for creating one-minute comedic gold. So grab a coffee, sit back, and let’s break this down into digestible comedy nuggets.

Top 5 Learning Points for Writing a One-Minute Comedic Sketch:

  1. Introduce a Normal Situation or Set of Expectations: Start with a scenario that everyone can relate to, as Matthew does with a double date in his sketch. This approach sets up the audience’s expectations.
  2. Introduce a Problem: Spice up your normal situation by introducing a problem or conflict. It could be an issue your characters are grappling with or a quirk in a character that escalates the situation. For instance, Matthew’s sketch revolves around two guys hiding their shenanigans from their dates.
  3. Bring in Unusual Behavior: Stir the comedy pot by making your characters behave unexpectedly. Matthew’s characters, for instance, resort to ‘chopping’ each other in the neck as a signal to stop talking.
  4. Raise the Stakes: Amplify the emotional stakes by making your characters say or do something dramatic. In Matthew’s sketch, the neck-chopping becomes progressively more intense, and even the initially reluctant character joins in.
  5. End with a Twist that Breaks the Pattern: Your ending should challenge the established pattern, thus surprising your audience. In this sketch, the audience expects the women to confront the men about their strange behavior. However, the twist comes when one of the women also resorts to the neck-chopping tactic, suggesting they might also have secrets to hide.

There you have it, folks! Five essential components to creating a rib-tickling one-minute comedic sketch, straight from the horse’s mouth. Remember, comedy writing is a craft, and this formula might not work for everyone, but it’s a great place to start.


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