Pitch Perfect: Crafting Stand-Up Comedy Emails That Get You Booked!

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Pitch Perfect: Crafting Stand-Up Comedy Emails That Get You Booked!

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Alright, stand-up comedians! 🎤 Ever wondered how to pitch yourself to a venue or promoter? Jamie New from SmartestU has got some comedy gold for us. Let’s break it down, sprinkle in some humor, and see how some online platforms can elevate your game:


Before You Hit ‘Send’:

  1. Do Your Homework: Always peek at the venue’s website for any submission specifics. It’s like checking the punchline before delivering a joke.
  2. Sell That Show: Paint them a vivid picture of your hilarious performance. Need some refining? JokeZoom offers a fantastic comedy boot camp course to sharpen those comedic edges.
  3. It’s Business Time: Understand what the venue is really after. Is it just the laughs, or do they care about your branding and potential earnings?
  4. Who’s Got Your Back? Sometimes, it’s about who you know. Platforms like MrOpenMic are perfect for connecting with fellow comedians and discovering online open-mic opportunities.
  5. Stay True: Don’t oversell or undersell yourself. Be as authentic as your jokes.

Crafting That Perfect Email:

  1. Date & Tour Details: Mention your preferred date. If you’re looking to refine your act before the big night, consider a stand-up comedy class at Comedy Trade School.
  2. Your Act, In A Nutshell: What’s the vibe? How long is the set? Make sure it’s a match for the venue.
  3. A Laugh Worth Watching: Share a link to a live performance video. A good laugh is always better seen than described.
  4. All About You: Share your achievements, past shows, and any accolades. This is your comedic resume, after all.
  5. Show ‘Em What You Got: If you’ve performed in their area before, share some stats. If you’re new, be honest and express your eagerness to build an audience there.

After You’ve Hit ‘Send’:

  1. The Waiting Game: If you don’t hear back in a week, send a gentle reminder. But remember, persistence is key, not annoyance.
  2. Nail That Subject Line: Think of it as the title of your next comedy special.

Oops! Avoid These:

  1. Name Blunders: Getting the venue or person’s name wrong? Big no-no. It’s like flubbing the punchline.
  2. Keep It Pro: While humor is your trade, keep the email professional. Save the jokes for the stage.

So, there you have it! Just like in a stand-up comedy class, practice makes perfect. The more you reach out and refine your approach, the better your chances of landing that gig. And hey, while you’re at it, don’t forget to leverage platforms like JokeZoom, Comedy Trade School, and MrOpenMic to hone your skills and connect with the wider comedy community. Keep those laughs coming and break a leg out there! 🎭đŸ¤Ŗ


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