Mastering the Art of Roast Comedy: Key Takeaways from Veteran Comedian Jeffrey Ross

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Mastering the Art of Roast Comedy: Key Takeaways from Veteran Comedian Jeffrey Ross

Hey there, comedy enthusiasts! Welcome back to our blog, where we dive into the world of humor, stand-up comedy classes, and everything that will tickle your funny bone. In today’s blog, we’re dissecting an interesting interview with veteran comedian Jeffrey Ross, known for his roast-style humor, and highlighting some key takeaways. So buckle up and get ready for some comedy insight!


  1. The art of the roast: When roasting someone, the rookie mistake many make is trying to dig too deep too fast. The secret, Ross explains, is to pepper in back-handed compliments and build up the target before taking them down. This brings a balance to the humor and ensures you’re not just tearing the other person down.
  2. Respect your roastee’s feelings: Roasting isn’t about making someone feel bad. Ross emphasizes that you want everyone to leave a roast saying, “That was so much fun, I hope they roast me again someday.” The goal is to craft jokes that the person being roasted can go home and repeat to their friends and family.
  3. Picking the right roastee: The perfect person to roast, according to Ross, is someone who has “Teflon” skin; meaning, they let jokes bounce off them without being too affected. They’re tough, resilient, and able to take the jokes with a pinch of salt.
  4. Preparation and research: When Ross was first invited to do a roast, he had to do a deep dive into the history of roasts, looking up past examples to understand how far he could push the jokes. Preparation and understanding your comedic genre is key to any stand-up comedy or online comedy improv.
  5. Comedy’s healing role: Ross also talks about his work with the troops, sharing that making people laugh isn’t just about humor, it’s about creating connections, listening to stories, and spreading positive energy. This shows the power of comedy and the positive impact it can have in people’s lives.
  6. Embrace the humor: Ross even teased the show’s host, creating a light-hearted atmosphere during the interview. This not only makes the conversation enjoyable but also showcases the art of situational humor and improvisation.

This interview with Jeffrey Ross offers plenty of insights and laughs, making it a perfect read for those taking stand-up comedy classes or participating in online comedy improv. Understanding the nuances of different comedy styles, like roasting, can broaden your comedic horizons and help you develop your own unique style. Remember, the world of comedy is as diverse as it is hilarious. So, keep learning, keep laughing, and keep pushing those comedic boundaries!


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