Mastering Comedy: Unpacking The Tried and True Sketch Challenge for Aspiring Comedians

๐Ÿ“† Your joke writing challenge topic for today is Road Trips.

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Mastering Comedy: Unpacking The Tried and True Sketch Challenge for Aspiring Comedians

Hello comedy enthusiasts! Kenny from Instead of Writing brings us another exciting challenge for all aspiring comedians: The Tried and True Sketch Challenge. If youโ€™re looking to master the craft of sketch writing or seeking to spice up your stand-up comedy class, this is for you!


Key Learning Points:

  1. Start with a Main Character: Pick someone relatable, not too wacky. For instance, Amelia, an eager self-starter with her quirks.
  2. Assign a Goal: What does your character deeply desire? Amelia wants to mine gold for her American dream.
  3. Choose a Unique Setting: It should amplify the challenges your character faces. Imagine Amelia mining gold in Central Park, New York!
  4. List Down Obstacles: Think of all the hilarious challenges your character would face in that setting. For Amelia, it’s acquiring permits, dealing with tourists, managing machinery, and so much more.
  5. Pro-tip: Donโ€™t stop at the obvious obstacles. Push past the writer’s block to find the unique, less-considered challenges. This brings out your unique comedic perspective.
  6. Determine the Primary Obstacle: Among the challenges youโ€™ve listed, pick the most significant one. It should influence or be related to the others.
  7. Sketch Writing: Let your main character chase their goal while hilariously struggling against the obstacles. And remember, donโ€™t solve one problem at a time; let them pile up for comedic effect!
  8. Climax is Essential: Decide whether your character will give up or find a hint of success when all seems lost.

Quick Review of the Steps:

  1. Create your protagonist.
  2. Determine their goal.
  3. Decide on a setting.
  4. Draft multiple obstacles, then select a primary one.
  5. Reach the climax – where your hero either surrenders or overcomes.

Kenny suggests starting with about four pages if you’re a beginner. By following these steps, the daunting task of sketch writing becomes more approachable. And remember, the magic happens when you face that blank page and let your creativity run wild.

Lastly, donโ€™t forget to check out Kennyโ€™s other challenges, like the bare bones sketch writing challenge. He loves reading your sketches, so send them his way!

Keep laughing, keep writing, and always aim for that comedic gold! And if youโ€™re seeking more insights, consider a stand-up comedy class to refine your skills. Cheers to your comedic journey! ๐ŸŽญ๐Ÿ“๐ŸŽค


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