Cracking the Comedy Code: From Nervous Starts to Knock-Knock Artistry

πŸ“† Your joke writing challenge topic for today is Road Trips.

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Cracking the Comedy Code: From Nervous Starts to Knock-Knock Artistry

Hey there, comedy enthusiasts! Ever wondered about the magic behind writing a perfect joke? Well, Kevin Bleyer, the “professional smartass,” has some insights to share. Here’s a quick summary of the key takeaways from his speech:


  1. Start with a joke. No matter how nervous you are, a joke is a great way to break the ice. Even if, like Kevin, you only know two jokes!
  2. Defining a joke. Steve Martin once said, “Comedy is the ability to make people laugh without making them puke.” Sounds about right, doesn’t it?
  3. The Science Behind Laughter. Laughter is a collision of psychological and physiological responses. It’s about triggering specific areas in the brain that lead to that wonderful, uncontrollable chuckle.
  4. Joke Formula. Ready for your stand-up comedy class basics? Here it is:
    • Establish premise.
    • Establish pattern.
    • Establish expectation.
    • Violate expectation. Repeat after Kevin: “Established premise, established pattern, established expectation, violate expectation!”
  5. Other Joke Structures. From taking the premise to an absurd extreme to the famous rule of threes, there’s a world of structures to explore.
  6. Specificity and Placement. Being specific in your jokes and placing the funniest word at the end can be the key to a great punchline.
  7. Brevity is… wit. Say less, mean more.
  8. The Challenge of Political Satire. In a world where reality often feels like a joke, how do you find the humor? For Kevin, satire is a way to resist, to comment, and to make sense of our world.
  9. The Importance of Intelligently Crafted Humor. It’s not about the low-hanging fruit. Dig deeper, be clever, and find the real humor in situations.
  10. Your Turn! Kevin challenges you to write your own knock-knock joke. And here’s a hint to get you started: Donald Trump is at the door.

So, whether you’re a budding comedian or just someone looking to bring a smile to a friend’s face, Kevin’s stand-up comedy class offers a treasure trove of tips and tricks. Go on, give it a try! And who knows, maybe the next big joke will be one of yours. 🎀🀣


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