A video essay about a little stand-up comedy lineage. You can't talk about LouisCK without talking about Carlin, and you can't talk about Carlin without talking about Lenny Bruce.

1 thought on “Can You Get This Dirty?

  1. While listening to this, I was inspired to write. I want to do what these comics did, break the rules, make people think, but the rules seem so different today. Don’t offend anyone, even if the quest is to be funny and philosophical. Every thinking minute I have I know, but it is my knowledge only, because it is based on what if thoughts. What if all the people who died during 2020 pandemic, were meant to die? What if their time was up? What if they would have died a happier death if their families could have been with them? What if they wouldn’t have died, that day, if they hadn’t been in the nursing home? And how come nobody took that message away from the pandemic? Don’t lock your loved ones up you selfish tards? I am in my home town, “unbookable” because I am an old lady who uses “blue” language, forgets shit and goes off on tangents. But people laugh. People, audiences like me yet comics do not. They are like my husband, my daddy, my abuses and users, by religions, they are all conforming me.

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