Anatomy Of A Joke

Want to know how to write a joke? Comedian and comedy writer Jan McInnis steps you through the joke writing process. You don’t have to be a comedian to write humor, anyone can do it. check this joke writing video out.

This video is an insightful and informative dive into the world of comedy. The article walks you through the joke writing process and provides some examples of how to write a joke and what not to do in a joke.

It’s important for comedians and comedy writers to understand that jokes are not one size fits all. Jokes must be tailored to their specific audience.

But the travel is great up in the travel around the country. You’ll offer last 17 carats in that and I’d like to go into the towns how hot this is my telephones I live up in at least I would come down here.

I actually got that early today. These little shopping is cute. I got here, yeah you’re welcome.

I walked into the store, though I got attacked by your makeup, lady and she asked what kind of makeup remover I used. I said the pillow that joke always gets a big, laugh and people ask me: how do I come up with funny stuff like that? Well they’re, like a million different ways to write humor and I can’t fit them all into this short video. So I’m gon na focus on one way at a time.

This is the first of a series of how-to videos on how to write a joke. I call them the anatomy of writing a joke. The I think, the fastest way to come up with a punchline is to take your subject, In this case the makeup lady, and ask questions like who? What when, where? Why and how.

So, for example, when the makeup lady asked me what kind of makeup remover I used in order to come up with a punchline, I asked a question what what things can take off makeup and I came up with a big list like water makeup: remover soap, towels, Your hands yeah a lot of boring stuff, so I’m not getting anywhere with that. So I went a little deeper and asked the question in a Different way. What inadvertently takes off makeup that got me to thinking a little harder, and I came up with some other stuff like tears, sweat rain, kisses, clothing, pillows Wow there you go the perfect punchline! Of course there are other perfect punchlines out there for this joke.

A lot of other questions you could ask to get to different punchlines and many other ways to go about this, but the basics of writing. A great punchline is Really to ask the right question. I have some more videos up soon, but you can also check out my easy to read book titled, finding the funny fast how to create quick humor to connect with clients, co-workers and crowds, and you can check out my blog comedy writer blog calm thanks .

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