Writing What You Know: Ricky Gervais’s Comedy Revelation

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Writing What You Know: Ricky Gervais’s Comedy Revelation

Today, we dive into the world of Ricky Gervais and his valuable advice on writing what you know.

Ricky Gervais, the maestro of laughter, shared a pivotal moment from his creative journey. As a young teenager, his English teacher dropped a comedic gem that would shape his approach to storytelling forever. The advice was simple yet profound: “Write about what you know.”


Ricky used to craft stories inspired by action-packed TV shows featuring maverick cops and cowboys. He believed his tales were the best, but to his dismay, they often received feedback like “too melodramatic.” Frustrated, he questioned whether his writing was either good or bad.

Determined to teach his teacher a lesson, Ricky decided to write the most mind-numbingly boring story he could imagine. It centered around his mother’s mundane daily routine of cleaning up after an elderly neighbor. Every detail, from the smell of tea and lavender to the elderly lady’s lack of appetite, was painstakingly described.

Expecting a negative response, Ricky eagerly awaited his teacher’s feedback. However, the unexpected happened. His teacher tossed his story back with a simple “uh-huh.” Surprisingly, this became one of Ricky’s proudest moments.

Through this experience, Ricky learned an invaluable lessonβ€”being honest and making the ordinary extraordinary is far more impactful than starting with the extraordinary. He realized that genuine connections with the audience are forged when something touches their lives personally.

As aspiring and experienced comedians, Ricky’s insight reminds us to find humor in the everyday moments that resonate with people. It’s not about creating superficial laughter that fades away; it’s about capturing real-life experiences that stay with the audience long after the show ends.

So, fellow comedy enthusiasts, let’s embrace Ricky Gervais’s wisdom. Write from your own experiences, infuse them with comedic magic, and watch as laughter and connection ensue. Remember, it’s the truth that counts, and the ordinary can become extraordinary in the hands of a skillful comedian.

Stay tuned for more comedy insights and inspiration. Keep laughing, keep creating, and keep spreading the joy of laughter!


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