Unleashing Your Inner Comedian: 5 Essential Tips for Creating Comedic Characters

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Unleashing Your Inner Comedian: 5 Essential Tips for Creating Comedic Characters

As any aspiring comedian or seasoned improviser will tell you, creating a comedic character is an art form. So how do you make a character who’s truly funny? Well, one comic recently shared their tips during an online comedy improv class, offering valuable insights for those looking to sharpen their funny bones.


Here’s a quick breakdown of those golden nuggets of wisdom:

1. Seek Inspiration Everywhere: Just like the comic who created a fitness model character from Instagram, your inspiration can be derived from the people around you, movies, books, or even animals. Pay attention to the humor you find in everyday life and in those who take themselves too seriously. Remember, “Comedy is dead serious”.

2. Play Dress Up: Playing with costumes, clothing, or wigs can drastically change your character’s persona. Different materials can influence your body language, speech, and overall demeanor. And hey, wigs from Amazon come cheap! Keep a journal or voice notes detailing how these objects influence your character.

3. Commit Wholeheartedly: When it comes to comedy, total commitment is crucial. Comedic characters should approach their situations with deadly seriousness, which often creates the comedic effect. As our comic says, “Comedy is dead serious”.

4. Jot Down Your Ideas: Characters, like people, evolve. Ideas may pop up at the most inconvenient times, so keep a notebook or voice note app handy to capture them before they fade away. Whether it’s an inspiration for a character’s accent or hairstyle, it’s essential to write it down.

5. Experiment with Accents: Learning new accents can be challenging, but it’s all about the placement of your tongue in your mouth. Use resources like YouTube to learn different accents. Begin slow and keep practicing. The journey of mastering accents is a marathon, not a sprint!

Bonus Tip – Have Fun: Most importantly, enjoy the process! Experiment, improvise and let your imagination run wild. Create characters that are enjoyable for you to perform.

In the end, comedy is about connecting with your audience and bringing a smile to their faces. So go ahead and implement these tips from online comedy improv and stand-up comedy classes, and make the world a funnier place!

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