Seven Proven Steps to Conquer Stage Fright: Master Your Performance with Laughter and Confidence!

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Seven Proven Steps to Conquer Stage Fright: Master Your Performance with Laughter and Confidence!!

Here are some key learning points for battling stage fright according to Vanessa van Edwards, a human behavior expert, and Don Greene, a renowned sports psychologist. This approach will definitely add a chuckle or two to your performance and give your comedic talent the stage it deserves.


  1. Form your clear intention: Set a clear, positive intention for your performance. This goal should clear your mind of any other thoughts. This might be “make the audience laugh,” or “deliver the punchline perfectly.” Remember, keep it positive – so instead of “don’t mess up,” say “nail it!”
  2. Pick a focal point: Identify an unimportant point in the back of the room to focus your nervous energy on. If you can’t see the room in advance, use a ‘grounding prop’ like a pen. Imagine transferring all your nervous energy into that object, it’s a great way to trick your brain into feeling calm.
  3. Breathe mindfully: Counteract feelings of nervousness with deep, mindful breathing. Take a moment to close your eyes and take in deep breaths, making sure to fill your belly with each inhale and exhale. It’s simple yet magically powerful.
  4. Release muscle tension: When we’re anxious, our bodies tend to tighten up. Use a technique called progressive relaxation to gradually relax each part of your body from head to toe. This not only helps you physically relax but also diverts your mind from the anxiety, helping you stay focused.
  5. Find your Center: Locate your physical center, which is about two inches below your navel and two inches below the surface of your belly. Focusing on this spot can help ground you and keep you calm.
  6. Repeat your process cue: While your intention is your overall goal for your performance, your process cue is how you want to achieve that goal. It could be something like “deliver with enthusiasm” or “keep the audience engaged.” Repeating this cue can help keep you grounded throughout your performance.
  7. Direct your energy: All that excess nervous energy can be mentally redirected towards your chosen focal point. It’s like discarding a heavy backpack – a fantastic mental trick to ease your nerves.

This systematic approach is a fantastic way to tackle stage fright and shine under the spotlight. Use it for your next big performance and remember, you’re awesome and you’ve totally got this. Best of luck and break a leg!


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