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WTYN - Write Thank You Notes

In all the hustle and bustle of making the rounds to perform at comedy shows, it is easy to forget that the people that make it possible for you to do what you love are often forgotten. As long as your shows are successful and you have a healthy following on social media, I'm sure your producers will be happy to hear from you with a quick thank you note. But if you really want to let them know that you appreciate what they and the other people involved did for you, it's important to write them a letter.

Always thank your producer in writing after a comedy show.

When the lights go down and you're the last one still up on stage, it's only natural to want to thank everyone in your crew. But, unfortunately, you don't get a chance to thank anyone before you leave the stage. So what do you do?

Comedy show producers have many choices when it comes choosing the talent for a show, especially when the spot they are filling is paid.

The biggest decision in comedy show production is picking the comedians to join the show, and though money and exposure are usually the primary factors, there are other factors to consider—including the type of comedy they want to do. The stand up comedy world is a small one, and as such, it is a tough profession to get into. The competition for stand up gigs is fierce, as is the competition for stage time at comedy clubs, but not all comedy shows are created equal. While the competition for a paid comedy gig may be fierce, there are still plenty of avenues to get your feet wet and start learning the ropes, or even begin acting or modeling.

Even if the spot is unpaid, or even if it is a bringer spot, you should always thank the producer within 48 hours after the show.

The idea of a thank you note is a cultural institution, ingrained in our everyday interactions. Like a handshake or a simple "hello", the thank you note is a default way of praising or acknowledging a person or a group effort. While they are not necessarily mandatory, they are almost always welcome, and they should be part of all business relationships.

The producer will most likely take notice and you may come more easily to their mind when they go to book the next gig.

No matter how well you write your thank you notes, the next time you meet with them they certainly will be more attentive to your writing skills and they may even think of you as more than a "thank you note writer" (which means more opportunities for them to hire you), but it can be enjoyable to think that they remember you.

Thank them in writing, either via social media, email, or text.

It's time to start thanking people who've helped you because they've helped you. The only thing better than saying "thank you" in person is saying "thank you" in writing. Furthermore, there are certain people in your life who give you the best material to work with, and if you are writing thank you notes, you should start with them.

Or make a big impression by sending them a hand written note.

When you were younger, you might have received a hand written thank you note from a teacher, a boss, or a colleague. I know I did—and I still do. I recently received a hand written thank you note from a friend, and now I can't stop thinking about it. I've decided to send the same appreciation to my comedy family, and I can't wait to see their reactions.

Thanking them in person is important but sometimes not possible and putting it in writing gives the thank you some permanence.

Realizing you're forgetting to send a thank you note can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster. You might feel like you've just ruined a relationship when you found out, or you might think that you've forgotten to call someone important. But what you might not know is that putting a thank you in writing actually assures the recipient that you took the time to express your sincere gratitude.

Not thanking them is a dumb move.

Most of us have been to a comedy club and then gotten home and thought to ourselves "What am I doing wrong here? I should have thanked that guy for helping me, I think he deserves a thank you note."

And nobody thinks dumb moves are funny, especially comedy show producers.

In conclusion, if you're going to perform stand-up comedy, do it right. Writing thank you notes, following up with the gatekeeper and keeping a list of who you already sent a thank you note to are vital steps that your producer will be glad you followed when they book you on their comedy show.

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