If you're like me you've had to work through jealousy, and comparing your work to the work other people are putting out. It can paralyze you, and stall your development if you don't get a handle on it. In this video I share some thoughts on how I deal with these very human emotions so that they don't hold me back on my journey.

4 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Comedians Hate Me?

  1. Because I’m only human, I know I have felt this way every so often, and not just in the comedy world. This guy gives a great, simple explanation of why we feel this way and what to do about it. Worth the time to listen (and the photos are pretty good, too. Now I’m jealous that he went to Spain…lol)

  2. Yes… I’ve experienced tons of other comics’ jealousy in my country, especially from male comedians. And sometimes I also feel it, too. It might be because the number of Japanese female comics is not large.
    I wish I had known this!

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  4. Emotion Intelligence…Maybe the emotion is pointing to something inside. Jealously is ego of feeling entitled to what someone else has. Book – “The Artists Way”. Challenge: Force yourself to send compliments to others.

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