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The Five Ws

It's a basic tenet of journalism writing to use the Five Ws (and sometimes the H) when writing a story.

Re-rewrite your jokes using each of the 5 Ws and try to come up with new or better punch lines.

The following tips will help you create better jokes and give you an edge over other competitors:

- Who is your joke about?

- What does your joke say?

- Where does your joke take place?

- When does your joke take place?

- Why does your joke happen?

- How does your joke happen?

To create better comedy material for your act, it's useful to answer the same six questions. Who is the person in the joke? What happened to them? Where did it happen? When did it happen? Why did it happen? How did it happen?

Let's take a look at some examples.

- "Who left the cake out in the rain?"

- "Why did they do that?"

- "What will happen to all of that sugar and butter?"

- "When did they do this awful thing?"

- "Where is my cake? It was right here!"

- "How could you let this happen to me?"

A joke is a funny story that you tell to make people laugh. A good joke should be surprising and unexpected, as well as clever and relevant.

The 5 Ws are important to use when writing jokes. This will help you better understand the audience and come up with connections that can be used to play on their assumptions or experiences.

The 5 Ws technique helps the comedian create a framework for their material. It will help them to generate ideas and research, and it keeps them in check with what they’re writing about.

The 5 Ws of journalism are great technique for joke writers and comedians to employ when trying to create material. The technique is not just used for journalism though, it is also used by many comedians in the creation of jokes and material that they will use when performing comedy routines.

One of the best tricks for writing a good comedy joke is using the words who, why, what, when, where, and how.

In conclusion, the best comedy writers know how to use words like these to draw out or heighten the funny parts of a story. In some cases, the words help to set up a funny moment, as when you choose to say, "How many times have you set your alarm for a.m. when you meant p.m.?" The best comedy writers also know how to use these words to accentuate the comedy in the moment. They know who is laughing at the joke, and why. Use the 5 Ws to make your material funnier.

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