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RYS - Record Your Sets

You know that many comedy sets are recorded, but does that mean you should record your own? You might be thinking it's no different from recording yourself playing the guitar or singing a song, but the difference is that it's easier, and can be much more effective. Every comedian should record some of their shows to listen back to - it helps improve your performance, and it can also help to create a backup of your notes and set.

Record every one of your sets.

Stand-up comedy is a no-holds barred art form, which means you're not only performing for an audience, but also in front of a recording device. After all, you can't let the audience down, but you can definitely let your comedy down. A lot of comedians use recordings of their stand-up sets as a way to hone their material, improve their delivery, and test new material.

Understanding how your jokes go over with audiences is essential to building a successful act.

Although there is much to be learned about how people react to jokes, there is a surprising amount of ambiguity when it comes to understanding why they do so. Sometimes, it seems to be just because they are funny, and sometimes it is because they are a good response to an audience's pre-existing beliefs.
If you're serious about improving your ability to make people laugh from a comedy show stage you need to be recording yourself every time you perform.

Ideally you should be capturing each set on video, but at the very least you need to be recording the audio.

Every stand-up comic has a routine—if you want to be the next Conan O'Brien or Jim Gaffigan, chances are you should be filming or audio recording each and every one. Unfortunately, the average person doesn't have a dedicated video camera or audio recording device in their purse, and so most of them rely on their phones to capture the raw footage for review.

Fortunately, this can be easily done by anyone with a smart phone.

For stand-up comedians, achieving stardom seems to be a pipe dream. But thanks to social media, the recording and sharing of stand-up comedy sets are now easier than ever. There are various smartphone apps for recording your set that you can use to share your routine with friends and family.

Download a voice recorder app and make hitting the re-cord button one of your pre-performance rituals.

When you perform in public, it's best to make sure you have a quality recording device with you. Doing so not only helps you review your performance and find ways to improve, but also serves as a last-minute reminder of how great your set was. But, if you're like me, you don't always have a way to use your phone for recording purposes. That's where an app comes in handy.


Not only will you be able to tell how well you did by counting your laughs per minute (also known as LPM), you'll have a record of any funny ad-libs or jokes that you make up on stage.

Laughs per minute, or LPM for short, is an easy to use, accurate, and easy to calculate comedy score that anyone can use on-the-spot. The LPM is a standup comedy score, and it's a simple calculation that takes into account the number of jokes you make and the number of jokes you hear.

Remember to build reviewing each recording into your post performance ritual as well.

In summary, I'll say that the more you review your set, the better your performance will be. The more you listen to your set, the better your recording will be. And the more you look for things to improve, the better your next set will be. All that really remains is to review and record your set. Use the tools you have and have fun!

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