Mark Normand’s Surprising Comedy Advice

Some great advice from comedian Mark Normand.

So as comedians coming up, what are what are some tips you can have as we land this plane here, because this is you know this is all about just comedy in the comedy game and what what are some tips you could maybe share with comics ooh some Big tips all right, cut down on the booze, don’t go too hard. I was uh.

Here’s the problem with booze. Do you drink not really good good for you but uh? Just I love it so much and I Want to party I want to get drunk, but it kills your whole next day and I have bad anxiety. So when I’m hungover, my anxiety goes through the roof and I’m like you suck you’re gon na bomb.

This joke isn’t good you’re trying to write you’re like it all stinks. Have you ever written a joke in your life? You kill yourself, you suck okay, so all that [ __ ] and all that comes out – and I already have enough of that sober. So when I’m drinking it’s it’s even worse, but uh so cut back on The booze just right right right, even you got nothing in your head.

Just go back to old, tweets! Look at old, jokes! Try something onstage! If you’re doing a new bit and you’re kind of not doing well with it, just throw in three more sentences, real quick, like what else always stretch as much as you can don’t go out and bomb a ton. But like what last night I went on stage, I was like I’m gon na riff about Atlanta a little bit. Maybe nothing will come, maybe it’ll be Humiliating, but it’s not the end of the world.

So, even when you’re, like alright pull out, pull out, do three more sentences just say: [ __ ] it it’s almost like when you’re doing reps and you’re on that last one and you can’t do it, but you want to give up and your friends just push It a little bit even if you just get it up to here, instead of not doing it just that will give you some muscle. I think, and it’s the same with comedy just push it a little further Just stretch it as much as you can until you feel them like. Alright, alright, we got it and if you do that enough over years, you’ll become amazing, because you you a you’re building something B, you’re learning what it feels like to be frazzled and and push that down.

You know that feeling of panic when you’re on stage or like this is bombing abort, keep going and push your abort button further away. You know, so you can build that that Callos of like I can take a little bit Of bombing. I can take it because I’m such a wuss like people go, you got so many punchlines, I’m like I’m scared of silence, I’m not this brilliant writer guy, I’m just I’m punching it up, so I don’t have to feel anything so yeah.

I always push it a little further. Try to riff do that, joke that you’re scared of doing sometimes, when I’m on stage, I’m like a little nervous out of my element, I’m like this isn’t going as well. As I hoped, that’s When you try the new bit, because that’s when you’re the most vulnerable and raw and it’ll actually kick you into being yourself, it’s almost like when you’re trying to when you’re with a girl and you’re trying to be cool and funny, and it’s Not going that great just go well, this isn’t going that great hold on.

Let me let me reboot here it just it’s the it’s. The thing your brain is telling you don’t do do that sometimes go towards that [! __ ]! It’s like the del clothes Thing. Follow the fear go towards the fear sometime and everything in your brain say don’t, but that’s when you should and it makes the fear go away ironically, go into it lean into the skid.

It’s like that bill. Birthing he’s like when you’re doing stand-up, if you’re bad at going to crowd, work, go to crowd work. Cuz, you’ve got to learn it and the only way to learn is to dive in it’s like basketball players.

I can’t go left well then work on going left. The same thing, So this is all you know heavy inside baseball Anil, but just you know, try it it’s right! It’s right down, though you know you got that weird Joker like this is weird. Try it, let’s go what’s gon na happen.

This is all prey. That’s the cool about stand-up, it’s all batting practice until TV or the special. Obviously you don’t want to use the audience too much and just be like you guys are my canvas.

I’m gon na take a [ __ ] on you and whatever Works I’ll. Keep it because then you’ll be a bad comic, so play walk, that line of being a pro killing, giving them a good show and working out your [ __ ] and trying [ __ ] and that’s a that’s, a good line and I think some people respect It they want to hear the new [ __ ]. They want to hear you working it out.

So yeah, that’s my tid bit! This is tidbit good stuff man, hey thing. I feel like I’m finally coming out of this edible eye that when I asked about Comedy tips, you like you came to life Wow. This is all I have no, but it’s fun like we can just talk about comedy as if it’s our first still, yes, that fresh, I love it.

It’s a special thing and people are trying to ruin it and it sucks, but push on through baby .


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