Mark Normand’s Surprising Comedy Advice

Some great advice from comedian Mark Normand.

53 thoughts on “Mark Normand’s Surprising Comedy Advice

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  34. I’ve cut down on the booze, the carbs, the cholesterol and every frigging thing else and still my health, my body are failing me. My teeth are falling out, I can’t hear ever since my nephew switched my TV system to a new TV and YouTube TV and then add insult to injury, I think this TV is effing with my vision, too, so I’m cutting back on watching TV, too. FYI I cut live in person coitus out completely 15+ years ago and that shit isn’t funny.

  35. I don’t know what I’m commenting on per se. I click on arrows and nothing happens. I’m trying to figure out what I am responding to, where the joke is, other than on me for trying to find some humor this morning, this holiday eve day for Christians who believe screwing people emotionally and financially is what jesus would do. I just switched my Medicare to WellCare because it offers higher financial benefit limits on all the things that go wrong with senior citizens, dental, eye, and hearing, but I just found out NO ONE takes WellCare Medicare in my neck of the woods and now I just want to go out in the woods and pretend I’M A WHITE TAIL DEER AND IT’S HUNTING SEASON. And eff the cap lock right next to the A on my keyboard.

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