How Does A Comedy Writer Know They Are Writing Something Funny?

In this Film Courage video interview, The Happytime Murders Co-Writer Todd Berger talks about how he writes what makes him laugh


Film Courage We had this comment: come in from [ Youtube, subscriber ], Milly Purpose “. How do you know people will laugh or share and have sort of the same humor that you have.

” Todd, Berger Co-Writer of The Happytime Murders Movie? I mean you never know when people are gon na find funny what you find funny and you never know when they’re gon na laugh what you laugh it. But sometimes I don’t care like to me. I’m just trying to do something that I think it’s funny and I hope with fingers crossed that other people are gon na, find it to find it funny too, and you know there are certain jobs I’ll take where I try to like.

If I’m gon na write a kid’s movie, I should I think, get into the head of a kid like what would I thought was funny if I was a kid, if I was seven years old, like what I find this funny, but when I write when I’m A unbridle and I’m writing a comedy, and I just want to write something really funny. I just think about what would I Todd burger Find really funny and and if other people find it funny great, if they don’t well that’s on them, maybe they need a better sense of humor. You know, but you never know and like you can’t, I think, as a comedy writer, you can’t try to get in the heads of other people and think what they’re gon na think it’s funny.

You have to just write what you think is funny and you’ll find. Out later I mean I read stuff in happy time, murders that I thought was really funny, and then we have a test screening of the movie. People did not think that that joke was funny.

I thought it was really funny or the opposite there’d be something that I didn’t think was very funny. Then people thought was hilarious and you’re like. Oh, you never know like you, never know what people are gon na find funny.

You just hope you hit more than you miss and and hope that people are on the same page with you, but really we should all be just. We should all be writing movies That we want to watch. We should be the target audience every row in the movie and even if you’re writing a kid’s movie, you should want to write a movie that you would want to take your kids to or if you were a kid you would have wanted to watch and and Yeah so, like you should be your own audience what’s wrong, that’s a bumper sticker yeah.

We should all be our own audience. That’s probably like a Netflix slogan. We don’t know about be your own audience.

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