Tweaking Your Voice For The Stage

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an amazing speaker. He’s one of the select group of science educators that appeal to mainstream America. Truly, some of the topics he covers are fascinating. But the truth is that the majority of his appeal comes from the way in which he speaks. In this video, we cover three simple … Read more

How To Write A Comedy Song

Adding music to act can set you apart from your peers. I like it best when there’s just a little crystal of an idea that comes from somewhere. I know not where and it just sort of springs forth. Little tiny idea, you know, can be a line or an image or just something that … Read more

Ian Bagg On Crowd Work And Finding Your Voice

Ian Bagg is known as the crowd work master and he is sharing all his secrets in this week’s Hot Breathisode. His commitment to the craft of comedy is a mindset we can all adopt after listening to him for almost an hour break down the lessons learned from over two decades of experience in … Read more


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