Host A Show

Stand up comedy is something you either love or hate, but there’s no denying the rush you get after doing a set of comedy. You are so happy to have accomplished the goal of making your audience laugh and enjoy your show, you almost feel like dancing around the room once the show is over. The sense of accomplishment is just awesome and it is something you want to do over and over again, because you know you like it and it brings you a lot of joy. Hosting a show is a great way to gain experience as a stand-up comic.

Record Your Sets

You know that many comedy sets are recorded, but does that mean you should record your own? You might be thinking it’s no different from recording yourself playing the guitar or singing a song, but the difference is that it’s easier, and can be much more effective. Every comedian should record some of their shows to listen back to – it helps improve your performance, and it can also help to create a backup of your notes and set.

Start A Mic

These days, comedy clubs are mostly clustered in major cites—New York, L.A., Chicago, etc.—with a few scattered clubs in smaller cities and college towns around the country. These comedy clubs tend to make life difficult for comedians who are just starting out, since they make booking the most popular comics’ shows difficult for up-and-comers. Starting a comedy open mic will help you learn how to get stage time in front of people.

Write Every Day

Schedule time for comedy writing every day. To write comedy on a daily basis, start with a short time slot so that you can build confidence that you can fit this into your schedule. As you write more, you’ll be able to branch out and write for longer periods of time. For example, you may start by writing for half an hour, and then bump it up to an hour, and so on. If you need to, schedule comedy writing time on your calendar so that you’ll stick to it!

Point Of View

People have strong differences of opinion and that’s why it’s important to have a point of view. You have to have a point of view if you want your comedy to get noticed. For example, if you want to write a joke about financial hardship, you’ll have to have a point of view on the matter. “I love being broke!”

Mind The Light

It’s really hard to tell how long you’ve been on stage. I mean, it’s easy to tell the time on your phone, but onstage, you can’t always see your watch. It’s not like watching a TV show or movie where you can see the clock in the corner, or on the screen! Onstage, you have to look to your internal clock to see how much time you have left, and that’s nerve-wracking.