Beat Stage Fright With These 7 Tips

Vanessa Van Edwards gives us an in depth strategy for dealing with stage fright.

Vanessa Van Edwards is a public speaking and body language expert. She has been interviewed on The Today Show, ABC News, and Forbes, and her TEDx talk has been watched over 1.5 million times. Vanessa shares a great story about a client of hers who had a bad case of stage fright.

In the video, she shares how he used to be afraid to speak in front of anyone but now he is an award-winning public speaker with powerful presentations. Vanessa identifies three things that can help combat stage fright: being as prepared as possible, taking deep breaths, and giving an improvised speech as practice for your big presentation.


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    • —Stage Fright (performance anxiety)
    • Racing Pulse and Rapid Breathing
    • Dry Mouth and Tight Throat
    • Trembling hands knees, lips and voice
    • Sweaty and cold hands
    • Nausea and an uneasy felling in your stomach
    • Vision changes (blurry vision or tunneled)
    • —7 Steps
    • Form your clear intention (1 simple goal/intention to wipe away all other thoughts)
    • (Don’t use words like Don’t)
    • Pick a Focal Point (pick a far off area in back of room to redirect nervous energy)
    • Breathe Mindfully (close eyes, in thru nose, out thru mouth, push out belly each breath)
    • Release muscle tension (deep breath, release body part, repeat)
    • Find your center (2 Inches below naval and 2 inches below surface of belly)
    • Repeat process cue
    • Direct Your Energy

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